Another Story Idea

Just one idea this time:

This idea is based on the “Fake Media” claims by Trump and various Trumponistas.  What if they were right?  What if mainstream media (MSM) was actually producing fake news reports and investigations with the sole purpose of misleading the public so that a President and their party would not be re-elected or lose seats in Congress?  I guess this would be an inverse of the 1997 movie “Wag the Dog.”

The President-to-be had been attacking the media while campaigning and now, he and his administration have been enacting tough regulations that impacted the media corporations and journalists including preventing some big mergers and severely restricting access to the media while in office.  The MSM has been against the President from the beginning and his actions have convinced them that his popularity needs to take a hit and he must be prevented from winning a second term.  A group of journalists develops a plan to slowly expose (fake) activities that took place leading up to the President’s first election that would imply that he cheated and that he cannot be trusted.  They use forged evidence and un-named sources to add credibility to their story.  They are very careful to unfold the story slowly so that it becomes a slow dripping of bad news.

The effort is eventually exposed by a potential Presidential-candidate from the other party who struggles with whether to remain silent and let the negative stories drown his potential opponent or to speak the truth.  As he tries to raise questions about the reporting, he starts getting attacked.  The story needs to be developed further but I think it could become a fun but dark political comedy.