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A Proven Approach to Effective Gun Control

On a recent episode of the Slate podcast, The Gist, Mike Pesca spoke with Richard Aborn from the Citizen Crime Commission of New York City.  The discussion centers around the improvements that New York City has made to address gun violence.  These changes have made NYC into one of the […]Read more »

So. Much. Talking.

So, first off, yes, I am an introvert.  The older I get, the more introverted I am becoming.  I don’t know why exactly. As an introvert, I do not have an urge to tell others what I’m thinking or my opinion on something where I do not have specific or […]Read more »

NOW is the Time

We just had another mass shooting at a school.  Even more children and teachers were murdered.  Whenever this happens, we are told that now is not the time to discuss the problem.  Now is the time to grieve and to support each other.  That is absolutely true if you live […]Read more »

The Search for Jackie Wallace

The issues of homelessness and addiction are way more complicated that most of us every consider. The story of Jackie Wallace illustrates the complexities involved with both issues. It is well-written story written by a photojournalist at   The search for Jackie Wallace A New Orleans football legend reached […]Read more »

This Is It. No Starting Over.

Do you ever sit back and talk to your friends or family about your childhood? Do you have indelible memories that resurface from time to time? Now, think about your children. This is their childhood. Many years from now, they will be sitting around talking about their childhood. What will […]Read more »

The Sacrifices of My Parents

Preface:  I write about my kids and my feelings about being a father from time-to-time.  I want to first say that I’m sensitive to the fact that not everyone desires to have children and that there are many people that have wanted to have children but, for a wide variety […]Read more »

Things Left Unsaid

I like to think that I’m a pretty normal person, for the most part. I have a public life and a private life. I am in introvert, so my private life can be very private at times and there is a private side to my private life. By that, I […]Read more »