It’s Official: We have become the bad guy

Congratulations to all of my fellow Americans, we are now creating orphaned children to fix a problem that we have imagined ( Plus, we have a government that took children away from their parent(s) without a means of connecting the two later. As a judge in Texas said in court, […]Read more »

Active Memory – Game Development Plan

As I stated in my previous post, I am attempting to develop a board game or tabletop game (not a video game) that I would eventually market to the public.  So far, I have the concept and have even drafted rules for three different ways to play the game (super […]Read more »

My New Project – Active Memory

I am starting a new project.  I don’t know how far I will be able to take it (explained later) but I thought I would document the process I am going through for both my own reference and for anyone else that may need to pointers or encouragement. So, what […]Read more »

Another Outlet

I have had a desire to write since high school. After reading Steinbeck, Hemingway, Orwell, and others, I wanted to write something meaningful. I still want to do this. It can be fiction or non-fiction or poetry. Unfortunately, I have not been able to express myself with words as well […]Read more »

A Proven Approach to Effective Gun Control

On a recent episode of the Slate podcast, The Gist, Mike Pesca spoke with Richard Aborn from the Citizen Crime Commission of New York City.  The discussion centers around the improvements that New York City has made to address gun violence.  These changes have made NYC into one of the […]Read more »

So. Much. Talking.

So, first off, yes, I am an introvert.  The older I get, the more introverted I am becoming.  I don’t know why exactly. As an introvert, I do not have an urge to tell others what I’m thinking or my opinion on something where I do not have specific or […]Read more »

Another Story Idea

Just one idea this time: This idea is based on the “Fake Media” claims by Trump and various Trumponistas.  What if they were right?  What if mainstream media (MSM) was actually producing fake news reports and investigations with the sole purpose of misleading the public so that a President and […]Read more »

More Ideas – This Time for TV

The television networks continue to reboot previously successful enterprises with the likes of Hawaii Five-O, Roseanne, Magnum PI, Murphy Brown, Battle of the Network Stars, Charmed, Duck Tales, Dynasty, The Gong Show, The Joker’s Wild, the Magic School Bus, Miami Vice, The Munsters, and Will and Grace, to name just […]Read more »