DifferentJim | The Zine Issue 1

I’m branching out into this new concept of…zines. Yes, I know, old school. But I like having something physical. I am spreading out physical copies wherever I can but wanted to make them available online as well.

This first issue imagines a world where we make contact with an intelligent species from another planet (in one case, it is one-sided). A couple of the pieces already exist in this blog but two are new and there is some “artwork” that hasn’t appeared on this blog.

You can download a PDF for reading on a screen here: DifferentJim | The Zine Issue 1

You can download a PDF for printing* here:  Zine Issue 1 for Printing

*Print as a 2-sided booklet in Acrobat. You will get two copies of the zine (after you cut down the middle then fold and staple the pages). Read one and share the other or leave it somewhere for someone else to find.

If you read it, please leave a comment below. At least let me know that you read it but I would love to hear what you think.