How This Ends – Revisited

Back in August 2018, I wrote that President Trump would not be leaving office through the impeachment process.  I stand by that assessment.  I also wrote that investigations by the State of New York are a path to ending Trump’s reign of chaos and stupidity.  I suggested that, in order to protect his company (Trump Org), Trump may have to offer to resign his office in exchange for the government not dismantling his empire (house of cards).  I still think that option is possible but seems less likely, mostly due to his legal team’s ability to delay the investigations. I hope I’m wrong and

So, how does this end?  Through the ballot box.  This time we cannot assume that he can’t win.  Clearly, he can.  We can have a vigorous and honest debate during the primaries about the direction we should take as a country.  But, once the general election campaigning begins and we have a candidate, we must provide unwavering support to that candidate.  We must vote.  We must encourage those around us to vote.

We must fight the voter suppression efforts being led by Republicans throughout the country [ACLU – Facts About Voter Suppression].  Republicans believe that they should be in power and any illegal or immoral action to make that belief real (the end justifies the means).  If they can prevent people that are going to vote “wrong” from voting, they will increase their chance of winning.  And winning is more important than abiding by any sort of moral compass.

March, if that helps.  Scream, cry, curse.  Write blog posts about how Trump is destroying this country.  Whatever gets you through the next two years.  But, whatever you do, on November 3, 2020, VOTE!