Intelligent Life

When we were told that the planet had intelligent life on it, I cried.  I would often lay on the ground staring at the stars.  I would imagine planets circling some of those stars and thought about what life would be like on those planets until I fell asleep.  This news was a fantasy coming true.

Now, many years later, we have been told that we have communicated with the other planet.  Soon, our planets would start exchanging information about ourselves.  What do we look like and what do they look like?  We will learn about each others’ geography, plants, animals, and weather.

It’s the social atmosphere that will be the most difficult to explain to one another.  What will we tell them?  What will they think of our politics?  Our religions?  Do they have religions?  Do they live as families?  Do parents raise their children?

Do they use money?  Do the people with the most money have the most power and influence on their planet?

What happens to those without power and influence on their planet?  What if someone has no money on their planet?  Do people on their planet have mental illnesses?  What happens to them?

Will my planet tell them that people like me exist?