Societal Impacts of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles (Part 1)

Here is a simple list from a brainstorm I did on the things that would be impacted by electric vehicles  and by autonomous vehicles.  I will be going back to provide more details of how each item would be impacted (in my mind) but I wanted to get the list on the site in case anybody wanted to add to it.  I may add to it as well.

Things impacted by Electric Vehicles

  • Oil companies/oil production/oil prices
  • Gas (petrol) stations
  • Tax revenues
  • Pollution
  • Other internal combustion engine devices (e.g., lawn mowers, tractors, boats/ships, aircraft, etc)
  • Companies with transportation as a main part of their business
  • Recharging infrastructure

Things impacted by Autonomous Vehicles

  • Auto insurance
  • Auto ownership
  • Home garages
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Vehicle design
  • Auto repair shops
  • Other car services (e.g., car washes)
  • Child transportation
  • Transportation for the blind
  • Transportation for people with certain disabilities
  • Taxis/Car services/Car rentals
  • Professional drivers
  • Traffic Congestion
  • Law enforcement
  • Traffic accidents/deaths
  • Road design