Defector Risks Everything to Reveal Assad’s Atrocities

This article is tough to read.  There is a link to some of the photos that the defector smuggled out of Syria but I have not been able to muster whatever it takes to click on the link.  But the article describes how “Caesar” obtained and smuggled photos of approximately 11,000 people tortured and murdered by Assad’s regime in Syria.  He is now risking his life to get the world to respond.  The US House of Representatives passed a severe sanctions bill three times since 2016 with bipartisan support.  It has languished in the Senate each time.  Is Moscow Mitch afraid that the sanctions will upset Putin?  I hope not.  The story says that Senator Lindsey Graham is now pushing for a vote in the Senate.


People were slaughtered. He says the world shrugged

Caesar’s story is hard to hear. His photos are hard to see. He does not understand why the world does not feel the pain of Syrians enough to act.